A cautionary ‘wellness’ reminder …

... words like transparency or “authenticity” are defined on a sliding scale determined by:

1. the intent of the group,
2. the context in which the word is applied, and
3. the leadership style and structure of the organization.
Abusing the Organizational Dynamic  

The subtle re-defining or artful loading of a word or phrase naturally introduces the ability to conflate terms. Because an organization's milieu is by default controlled, loaded terms can be seamlessly coupled with patterned language.

Loaded and levelled with intent, this shotgun marriage of meanings easily alters a collective conscience. When executed well, this unethical use of psychodynamics in organization's 'change' leaves no entry or exit wounds. The fact that these methods are plausibly deniable give cause for informed members of an organization to examine its toxicity level. 

Paternalism carries the best of intentions until it becomes“a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims..."  

While this remains the 'about me' page, there are relevant personal experiences and observations best reserved for a private discussion.