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Dr. Dan Taylor we are forced to connect more deeply than ever via technology. Mental health has never been more at the forefront of discussion than through this last decade...

At a micro level stands the individual and the specific traumas that relate to that person; on a more macro level are the organizations these individuals, and countless others like them, are part of. Trauma alone can lead to disarray, but multiple traumas combined can lead to major organizational dysfunction. In this new world of openness and tolerance to mental health, a new paradigm for combating these issues in a structured yet compassionate way must be at the forefront of all individual and organizational culture. To forge the paradigm shift, a need arises for guiding hands who have been at the front line of the mental health crisis both personally and professionally, and hold a blueprint for successfully instituting wellness and high functioning.


Anthony Barker and Profiles Consulting are the preeminent voice of the move toward this new paradigm, and through experience, knowledge, and empathy can guide the smallest or largest organization along the pathway to mental health and wellness. Prioritize the psychological fitness of your group, improve your relational integrity, and strategically redefine your workplace culture through trusted methodology and experienced stewardship. Profiles Consulting is the first step to a more meaningful level of success.

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