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Peer-Led Workplace Support Systems establish a milieu where employees can experience their organization as a place of refuge. This raises morale and liberates the staff to focus on the normal challenges of their professional responsibilities*. Peer-led Support Systems are engineered to be self-perpetuating with limited oversight by H.R. staff.

Our focus does not require a change in the organizational structure, but rather the quality and function of the relationships within it (i.e. culture). Greater productivity and compliance are the natural byproducts of building relational integrity. The 'constant pressures' ameliorated for the employee through attunement bonding* are both internal and external. This is how Organic Workplace Support Systems serve both the moral and business imperatives.

*While the realm of organizational change generally categorizes our approach as Attunement Bonding, it is never at the expense of psychological safety.

"Consciously and intentionally building interpersonal relationships to engender and support organizational change. Harmonizing the members through "bonding" so that the resulting trust and respect will pave the way for news ways of thinking, acting, and understanding within the organization.

From a strategic standpoint, the Attunement Bonding strategy is useful for reformulation within a single business concentration. The basic idea is to democratize the workplace and create strong emotional bonds that can withstand the constant pressures of change."   Jay Klagge Ph.D.

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