SubCultural Competence


Cultural Competence has come to be defined as: an ability to relate sensitively and fluidly with those different from us through education on their culture's specific beliefs, values, and attitudes. And, by becoming aware of, addressing, and reversing one's own biases and prejudices in that process. (owning the perception of another through empathy) committed to seeing, understanding, and feeling the multi-layered components of an individual and observing how each component has integrated into their personal and professional life.


2. Realizing we will mischaracterize and/or misjudge each individual regardless of our sincere effort to fairly assess the integrity of their person. 


3.Sub-cultural Competence reckons that each individual, regardless of limiting self-perceptions, are members of numerous sub-cultures simultaneously. It reckons no one person can be relegated to and understood through one lens of their identity. Doing so may devalue their experiences and potential.


4.The existence of a sub-culturally competent milieu is qualified and quantified when an individual's latent potential begins to be realized. Three basic components will emerge as a result:

a. The willingness to self-disclose.

b. Our intuitive and compassionate assessment of their self-disclosure. 

c. Our level of self-awareness (i.e., honesty regarding the fixed limitations of our person (physical, psychological/emotional, intellectual), and our individual ability to empathize (seeing and feeling ourselves through the lens of another's experiences.)  


CAUTION: An ability to discern we are interacting with a member of a sub-culture does not imply 'competence'.