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A Message to Our Friends in H.R.

We all know that workplace “morale” is important – it’s a common talking point.

But HR professionals know the reality – poor morale erodes an organization. The old adage about “one bad apple” rings true. 


 But often it’s not that the apple is 'bad,' it’s that the support that’s needed simply isn’t there. Lack of time, energy, staff – whatever the reason, if the tried-and-true solutions do not work, the company is out of luck.  

And when the luck runs out you know how difficult it can be: Employee absences, complaints, legal claims. All of which, of course, serve as a cancer eating away at the goodwill within the company.

This is where we serve.

The problem is not a lack of concern, or systems, or forms from HR; it’s the fact that employee problems often come from within. Whether caused by trauma, an underlying medical condition, bullying/harassment,mental health or one of the myriad other reasons, until those internal concerns are acknowledged and addressed, change cannot occur for the employee or the company.

This is our world.

We help build out the mutually supportive communities within an organization that are critical to employee well-being and, ultimately, to the success of the company.

We help you change the culture in a way that allows it to support the mental and physical health of your employees. We do this by taking a deep dive inside that culture, determining what’s missing, and implementing systems to help your employees address those internal concerns in a way that does more than pays lip service. Our 'way' is a path that leads to real and lasting change, for the person and your company. 

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