...individuals enthusiastically endorsing Mr. Barker and his approach to organizational culture. 

The services this organization offers to leaders in education, business, the amateur/professional athlete, and coach as well are essential for success in the post-Covid world. Mr. Barker’s vision in identifying and addressing a critical need has enabled the services offered by Profiles to truly stand as an archetype. He has recognized the singular importance of helping his clients “see” and understand their personal traumas as obstacles to their ultimate success and well-being. Profiles Consulting is predicated on the principle that the ability to recognize trauma in all its forms is a first step in remediation and self-empowerment in conjunction with the cultivation of prosocial relationships.

A word about Anthony Barker.

Over the course of the last eight years, as I have come to know Anthony, I can say unreservedly, that he embodies the practices and principles he promotes in his consultancy. He is a caring, congenial man; a visionary who leads by example and humbly acknowledges his personal challenges while generously sharing his successes, his expertise, and his hard-won truths.

It is my honor to provide this brief endorsement for both the Profiles consultancy and its founder and administrator, Mr. Anthony Barker.

Vance Austin, PhD

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